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Reel XREEL Cable
Reel XREEL Cable
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05 Apr 2018
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Reel XREEL Cable

Reel XREEL cable (Power Connector) is a type of roll cable from PCE made of special plastic, as well as a stable carrier rack with ergonomic handle made of highly durable plastic, central brake mechanism and 2 parking positions for the plug. With thick feet, it is not easy to dent or break. Usually used as an electrical outlet connector with modification Plug that can be adjusted to customer demand.

In addition to XreEL reel type cable, we also provide various types of Plug and Socket, and other Distribution Boxes such as DELTA Wall Wall Mounted Plastic Distribution or Solid Rubber, PILA Energy Pillar Steel Sheet or Allumunium and Mobile / Hanging Distribution Plastic.

PT Alvitama Sentosa also sells other Explosionproof equipment as follows:

Explosion Proof Plate Sockets (Supermec), Explosion Proof Plug Sockets (Supermec) (Cosime), Explosion Proof Fluorescen Light LEDs / TL, Explosion Proof Flood Light, Explosion Proof Electro Motor (Euromotori), Explosion Proof Box Panel (Junction Box) Supermec, Explosion Proof Signalling, Explosion Proof Telephone, Explosionproof Fan / Blower / Bug Blower, Explosion Proof Crane, Explosion Proof Mixer, Explosion Proof Gorunding System, Explosion Proof Wall Clock, Explosion Proof Spray Booth System,

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