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14 May 2018
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ATEX series Motors Explosionproof and Flameproof Euromotori are Electromotor Explosionproof type Ex d, Ex dbe that can be applied / work on the environment of the area in the presence of Gas and / or Explosive or non-illuminated smoke without causing internal damage to the motor. Applications as: Generator, Fan / Blower, Mixer Mover, Pump Drive

Unit Specifications: Explosionproof Motors Group IIA - IIB - IIC, Ex marking: II2GD Ex db, Ex de IIB or IIC IP 55, T3-T4-T5, Freq: 50/60 Hz, Speed ​​Rpm: 3000 Rpm, 1500 Rpm, 1000 Rpm, 750 Rpm, Mounting: Foot Mounting (B3), Flange Mounting (B5), Size: 0.18 Kw ~ 75 Kw, Frame size: 56 ~ 250, Certificate: ATEX

Detail spec: *) frame size 56 ~ 250, *) Coronal Box Terminal, *) Standard Mechanical Protection - IP 55, *) Aluminum Cooling Fan c / w Cover, *) F Type Isolation Class.

We also provide Products products as follows:

Explosionproof Equipment Supermec

Explosion Proof Lights (Pilot Lamp), Explosionproof Button (Pushbutton On Off), Explosionproof Switch (Switch On Off), Explosionproof Cable Gland (Cable Gland), Explosionproof Emergensy Button, Explosionproof Plug Socket, Explosionproof Drain Valve / Breather Valve,

Explosionproof Lighting Supermec

Explosionproof Fluorescent Lamp (TL / LED), Explosion Proof Floodlight (Flood Light) LED,

We also sell other equipment such as:

Explosionproof Box Panel Stainless Steel, Explosion proof Box Panel Aluminum, Explosion proof Junction Box, Explosionproof Electromotor (Euromotori), Explosionproof Plug Socket (COSIME), Explosionproof Floodlight LED, Explosionproof Pandant Lamp (LED / ML) Explosionproof Telephone, Explosionproof Hand Phone, Explosionproof Strobe Lighting, Explosionproof Marine Explosion Proof Fan, Explosionproof Mixer, Explosionproof Grounding System, Industrial Plug Socket PCE, Industrial Box Panel (Allianza Box Stainless), Industrial TL / LED (Allianza Light), Explosion proof Spray Booth , Explosionproof Crane.

Information can contact

PT. Alvitama Sentosa

Phone: 021 5533811, 021 5533812

Fax: 021 55012506



Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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