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Conection Plug PCE
Conection Plug PCE
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02 Apr 2018
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Specification of

Conection Plug PCE

Connection Plug PCE / Socket kabel PCE is a world leader in the development and production of industrial plugs and sockets with more than 80%, since its inception in 1973 the company is expanding and becoming an international enterprise group, PCE offers a wide range of high quality products for various applications in the electrical installation sector.

Type of PCE products as follows:

Kinds and Industrial Sockets 16A ~ 125A (Plugs, Plugs, Wall Spill, Flanged Lever, Interlocked Switched Sleeve (with DIN rails / fused), Test Plugs, CEE Adapter cables, Plugs with switches, motor protective plugs)


CEE standard, 110V / 230V / 400V, 50 / 60Hz, 16Amp ~ 125Amp, Poland 3/4/5, IP 44, IP 66/67, No Srews required to assemble Plug,

Advantages of PCE Plugs Sockets; Twist Click (Cordless connection system), Anti Corrosion Contact, Twist Twist Cable,

For more information about Product Specification, and price can contact us

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