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15 Jan 2019
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Auer Signaling - auer signal

Auer Signaling / telephone and signal lampu flash auer signal / Auer Signaling equipment is a Signal Equipment Signal Equipment Industrial Area or Hazardous area (Explosion Proof), which is often used in Industrial Plant, Chemical Plant, Paint Factory, Petrochemical, Petroleum and Gas Filling Locations.

AUER Signaling Products:

Explosionproof Products

*) Explosion Proof Telephone dST1 / dST2 / dFT3,

*) Explosion Proof Accessory Telephone VS1 / AS1 / LS1 / EP1 / HS1 / TH1,

*) Explosion Proof LED Signal Beacon dSD / mDD,

*) Explosion Proof Visual Audio Signaling Sounder vS1,

*) Explosion Proof Signaling Horn dHH / dHHR / mHPT,

*) Explosion Proof Signaling Bell dHW / dHWR,

We also sell other Explosion Proof equipment such as:

Explosionproof Box Panel Stainless Steel, Explosion proof Box Panel Aluminum, Explosion proof Junction Box, Explosionproof Electromotor (Euromotori), Explosionproof Plug Socket (COSIME), Explosionproof Floodlight LED, Explosionproof Pandant Lamp (LED / ML) Explosionproof Telephone, Explosionproof Hand Phone, Explosionproof Strobe Lighting, Explosionproof Marine Equipment, Explosionproof Bug Blower, Explosion Proof Fan, Explosionproof Mixer, Explosionproof Grounding System, Industrial Plug Socket PCE, Industrial Box Panel (Allianza Box Stainless), Industrial TL / LED (Allianza Light), Explosion proof Spray Booth , Explosionproof Crane.

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PT. Alvitama Sentosa

Phone: 021 5533811, 021 5533812

Fax: 021 55012506



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